EVENTS – Whats happening/ been happening


January 31st – Monthly League Matches Start.

February 12th – Triples competition. Entries by the 9th Feb.

February 26th – Second Triples competition. Entries after the comp on the 12th.

March 1st – Monthly League Matches Start.

March 5th AGM – To be held at Las Adelfas

March 20th – Visit by Almijara Bowls Club, Nerja.  Almijara Bowls Club Week

April 4th – Monthly League Matches Start.

April 16th – Bi monthly competition.

April 30th – Bi monthly competition

May 2nd – Monthly League Matches Start. Calendar – May, June 2022

May 14th – Bi monthly competition. (cancelled)

May 28th – Bi monthly competition

June 11th – Bi monthly competition

June 25th – Bi monthly competition

October 8th – October 15th. Return visit to Almijara Bowls Club, Nerja.


1. Visit to Nerja March 2020. visit-to-nerja-march-2020

2. Refurbishment of rinks 1 and 2 2020/2021. refurbishment-of-rinks-1-and-2-in-2020-2021

3. Meet and Greet at La Golosa 19th Aug 2021. la-golosa

4. Bowls Night Out at the Chinese 3rd Sep 2021. chinese-night-out-on-3rd-sept-2021/ 

5. Winter Leagues begin 6th Sep 2021

6. Monthly Competition 1st Oct 2021

7. Bowls Night Out at the Chinese 22nd Oct 2021. 

8. Bi monthly competition 29th Oct 2021 – Evening Competition 3.30 arrival for a start at 4pm.

9. Bi monthly competition 6th November 2021 – Competition 9.15 arrival for a start at 10.45 am.

10.Bowls Night Out at the Chinese 20h Nov 2021. 

11. Festival Week 29th November to 3rd Dec 2021. A week of competitive Bowls to include:-

i) Monday 29th – Ladies v Gents Whitstable Cup
ii) Tuesday 30th – Triples Comp
iii) Wed 1st December – Residents v Swallows for Michael Curley Trophy
iv) Thursday 2nd December – 2 4 2 Comp
v) Friday 3rd December – Anniversary Cup – random draw pairs

12. Christmas Dinner Saturday 4th December 2021 at Casa Cabana