EVENTS – Whats happening/ been happening

1. Visit to Nerja March 2020. visit-to-nerja-march-2020

2. Refurbishment of rinks 1 and 2 2020/2021. refurbishment-of-rinks-1-and-2-in-2020-2021

3. Meet and Greet at La Golosa 19th Aug 2021. la-golosa

4. Bowls Night Out at the Chinese 3rd Sep 2021. chinese-night-out-on-3rd-sept-2021/ 

5. Winter Leagues begin 6th Sep 2021

6. Monthly Competition 1st Oct 2021

7. Bowls Night Out at the Chinese 22nd Oct 2021. 

8. Bi monthly Competition 29th Oct 2021 – Evening Competition 3.30 arrival for a start at 4pm.

9. Bi monthly competition 6th November 2021 – Competition 9.15 arrival for a start at 10.45 am.

10.Bowls Night Out at the Chinese 20h Nov 2021. 

11. Festival Week 29th November to 3rd Dec 2021. A week of competitive Bowls to include:-

i) Monday 29th – Ladies v Gents Whitstable Cup
ii) Tuesday 30th – Triples Comp
iii) Wed 1st December – Residents v Swallows for Michael Curley Trophy
iv) Thursday 2nd December – 2 4 2 Comp
v) Friday 3rd December – Anniversary Cup – random draw pairs

12. Christmas Dinner Saturday 4th December 2021 at Casa Cabana

The following events are taking place over the next 3 months, giving advance notice, so that members returning to Lanzarote can put their names forward if they are interested. All events will be subject to any Covid restrictions in force at the time

January 10th 2022 – Monthly League Matches start.

March 2022 – Visit from Almijara Bowls Club, Nerja