Competition Rules

Rules of the Mini Leagues

1. All games should be played within the week, where possible the fixture list and mat bookings will be completed on the Friday prior to the new leagues commencing. Whilst best efforts are made for this to suit all players, if not then please re-arrange with your opponent and advise Berwyn so that the playing record can be amended.

2. New Pairs will join the lowest available league and leagues will be restricted to a maximum of 4 teams.

3. At the end of each league the bottom placed team will move down a league and the winners move up a league. This should allow for a different variety of opponent.

4. Placement in the Leagues will be on the basis of Points then shot difference. Only if this remains a tie will the result of the head to head match be considered.

5. Should your original Pair change (for any reason) and you wish to continue with a new partner then, irrespective of your current league, the “new” pair will join the lowest available league.

6. To vary the format the weekly leagues will alternate between a 2-4-2 format to be played over 12 ends and a standard 3 bowl Pairs to be played over 14 ends. Breaks at mid-points are advised but not mandatory.

7. In the 3 Bowl pair format the Lead / Skip roles, if desired, can be changed ONCE at any time but before the commencement of the 10th end

8. On completion please record the result on the fixture card posted in the Noticeboard.